Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Wool Room Farmer ... My First Annimation!

This is a Stop motion annimation I created for The Wool Room. This was a really exciting yet challening project. This was the first annimation i had ever attepted and was a challenge concidering it was for a live client. I did a lot of research into stop motion. I designed and made all the Characters Sets and Props and 4 solid filming weeks and over 8000 photos later, my annimation was complete! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!


This Is My Film Daisy... I Co- Wrote, Produced and Directed the Film, and its a film I feel Proud of. I Don't want to give away the Plot, but please watch this powerful moving Short film and let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoy!

My 2011 Showreel Writer, Producer and Director...

This Here is my 2011 Show Reel ... Hope you enjoy!

Photograph Of My Finished Scenic Canvas...

This Here is a Photograph of my Finished Canvas.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Set Design - Scenic Painted Canvas

For the past four weeks, i have been working on a 8ft x 4ft Canvas to go on display in the new university lecture theatre. The Canvas had to be based on an image from 'the Grammar of Ornament' by Owen Jones.After Building the actual canvas frame, i gave it a base coat, drew out the design then painted it. 57 hours later and my canvas is complete!! It was a lot of work, but i enjoyed it and am pleased with the final out come. i will post up a picture of the Finished canvas soon!

Welcome To My Blog..

Hello ... Just a quick post to say welcome to my blog! I will be using this Blog to track my progress and achievements through my next two years of University. I am Currently Studying BA Hons Entertainment Design Crafts. My Previous blog http://crazywaveproductionblog.blogspot.com Was for FDA TV and Film Production, but now as I have changed Courses to top up my FDA, I have made a new Blog!

I am going to keep this Blog up to date wit recent projects and things that i will be making doing and researching.

Hopefully when I Graduate from this course, , i want to expand my business 'Heavy Rain Productions' which me and Sophie Crawford set up, so that its not just a Film making business, but a Production Design on too!

Any ways enough of me babbling on,  Hope you enjoy!