Friday, 20 January 2012

Experimenting with Two Part Moulds....

As Part of my Prop Module, I have been Experimenting with Mould Making. This has  been a really new to me as its something I have never done. I decided I wanted to cast a Mushroom. Here are some Photos of the process.

 The mushroom didn't quite go to plan. i think the problem was I didn't add enough expanding foam. However I now know how to created a two part mould, and was pleased with what I had achieved.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Work Experience...

I have had a few really busy weeks over the holidays, and i have fell a little bit behind with my Blogging. As well as working on my drawing Skills, Set Model and Prop Research, I have also taken part in some really exciting work experience.

I was contacted over the holidays by John Noble, (entertainment design crafts workshop Technician and Film maker) to tell me about some Work experience he found. He mentioned it was for a company LC Props and suggested i sent them an email  if i was interested.

I was really excited to hear about this opportunity, and I searched for the companies website straight away. It turned out to be really interesting. The design and make props and costume props for TV, Film and Theatre.  they had worked on 'Pricella Queen of the desert' in London, 'The Lion King' 'Shrek The Musical' and 'The Little Mermaid' on Broadway.

Keane to gain some work experience I emailed them. They got straight back to me and asked what days I was available. i gave them my Availability, and agreed to work with them.

I was really excited and looking forward to it. However i was also feeling slightly nervous, as this was the first work experience I had in the Entertainment industry, and also as i had only myself been studying Entertainment Design Crafts for  four Month. But i Went in Feeling Confident I could do it.

It was a really friendly environment, and Leigh (Owner of LC Props) was a really nice guy to work with. He talked me thought everything i needed to know, and made sure I understood what he wanted me to do. There was also some past Ents students there, and it was really nice to hear about what they had been doing and the experience they have gained.

I did Four days on the Work experience and can clearly say I really enjoyed it! I learned a lot of things about different materials and Techniques, and made me even more Determined to get into the Industry.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Victorian Set Design and Model...

As I previously mentioned, I had been working hard researching and designing a Victorian set that our group will build for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle. I have come up with a few designs and a model.  Here are some photos of the work I have carried out.



After everyones designs and models were complete, we put them all together and had a meeting with the script writer who was writing the production for the Theatre Royal. We showed her our designs and models and she discussed what she liked and what she thought would fit the script she was writing. then we worked together as a group and applied the things she liked to come up with one new group design. Here is an image of the elevation drawing I did for the new design.