Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My New Facebook Page...

Previously, I had worked on setting up new professional Facebook Profile, to which I can add previous/potential employers and contacts to. I have now also set up a professional Facebook Page to keep people up to date with the work I do.

Here is a link to my Facebook Page:


Please take a look and like!

Sneak Peek at My Major

 I haven't posted in a while, as I have been really busy working away on my Final Major Project. i have done a lot of development work and research to help me do the best I can for this. As mentioned before I linked my Minor and Major projects together. My minor was creating the Characters, and my major creating the Set. I had many sets in the script I written, but decided the one I wanted to make and bring to life was the old town centre.  I don't want to give too much away, but here is a sneak peek at my final design and model built.

First Basic Design.
Developed Final Design (Colours a Secret)
My Model All Built.
Now all the model is built, i have to add in the colour and small details. I'm going to keep the Colours a secret, and all will be revealed in my next post!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Facebook Page...

I have created a new Professional Facebook Page to show to potential employers, and show the work I can do. Also it may help to keep contacts!

Here is my new facebook page!


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Potential Logo Idea...

I have been working on developing a logo to help brand myself. I have a wide range of different skills and wanted to narrow it down to film maker, set/prop designer and maker. Here is the basic logo I have came up with. Please let me know what you think. Does it suggest Film maker and designer to you?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Using My Mould To Create My Chacter...

I have decided to use my two part mould to create my character. I wasnt so shire about how i was going to carry out making the character, so I did a few experiments. i was going to use J-Foam to make it. So that the J-foam didnt stick to the plaster mould, I painted it first with coloured latex.
I then place the armature (that is wrapped in cling film to protect the joints from blocking up with the jfoam.)

I the clamped the mould together. The foam comes in two parts, and once mixed together, takes  15 second before setting to I had to work with it really fast, and pour it into the holes I drilled in my mould very quickly. Once set, I could then take the mould appart.
 This first experiiment didnt quite go to plan. I think the problem was that we didnt mix up enough of the j-foam as the legs wernt covered.
I tried the same experiement again, but still there wasnt enought foam mixed up. For the thired experiment, I made sure there was enough foam.
I could see that the foam had spread through the mould as it expanded through and out of the holes in the mould. I also did a thiker layer of latex and paint inside the mould. When the foam had set it was time to take the mould apart. Although the character came out fine, and was a sucess, getting it out of the mould proved to be really difficult. As I used lots of foam  to ensure all the gaps got filled in my character, but doing that caused the foam to leak out ans stick the two parts of the mould together. This caused the mould to break when I was attempting to separate the mould. Luckely my characte came out fine!
Once it was out of the mould, I trimmed  all the excess latex off the model and painted it using some acrylic paint and latex.
This is what the finished character looked like.
Although this process worked, I stil wasnt totally happy with it and still plan to remake it before I shoot the animation. When I remake it I will use the same technique, but will make the clothes out of fabric.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Making a Mould for my Character...

I have been working hard designing my main character for my stop motion animation. I now have a final design, and decided to experiment making the character. I have decided to create a two part mould. Here are some Photos of the stages I went through to created the mould.
Above is the design for the character, showing were the armature I bought will go.
To then make the mould I first needed to make the character from Plasticine, I wrapped the armature in cling film first to prevent and Plasticine or foam getting into the joins of the armature.

This is what the finished Plasticine character looked like. I left the hands off, as I wanted to make them at a later date.

I then began to make a mould for it using clay. I made a flat bed of clay that covered half of my model and put a clay wall around it to prevent the plaster from running out.
The first part of my mould is now complete and ready for the plaster.
To make sure I got no air bubbles in  in the plaster, I flicked it into the mould.
once the plaster had completely set, I removed the layer of clay, turned over the mould to repeat the process on the second half of the mould.
 Once the plaster was dry, I removed all the plaster, and notice the split line of the mould. I gently opened up the mould to reveal my Plasticine model inside.

Once the mould was open, I took out all the Plasticine ans cleaned the clay from the mould.
The finished two part mould turned out really well!
I plan to use this mould to make my character. I will add on a new post once i have made the character so you can see how it goes!