Thursday, 18 October 2012

Making a Mould for my Character...

I have been working hard designing my main character for my stop motion animation. I now have a final design, and decided to experiment making the character. I have decided to create a two part mould. Here are some Photos of the stages I went through to created the mould.
Above is the design for the character, showing were the armature I bought will go.
To then make the mould I first needed to make the character from Plasticine, I wrapped the armature in cling film first to prevent and Plasticine or foam getting into the joins of the armature.

This is what the finished Plasticine character looked like. I left the hands off, as I wanted to make them at a later date.

I then began to make a mould for it using clay. I made a flat bed of clay that covered half of my model and put a clay wall around it to prevent the plaster from running out.
The first part of my mould is now complete and ready for the plaster.
To make sure I got no air bubbles in  in the plaster, I flicked it into the mould.
once the plaster had completely set, I removed the layer of clay, turned over the mould to repeat the process on the second half of the mould.
 Once the plaster was dry, I removed all the plaster, and notice the split line of the mould. I gently opened up the mould to reveal my Plasticine model inside.

Once the mould was open, I took out all the Plasticine ans cleaned the clay from the mould.
The finished two part mould turned out really well!
I plan to use this mould to make my character. I will add on a new post once i have made the character so you can see how it goes!

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