Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Prop Module...

This week we began our new Prop Module. It is a Live brief based on Flowers and Foliage. We are to design large scale flowers to be used in the CCAD End of year degree show. When the Degree show is over the sculptures will be heading over to a company called Event Prop Hire, who will use the sculptures to hire out at different events.

To start off the module, we were introduced to some sculpting materials and techniques. I decided to give it a go and create a small Flower Character. Within some research i bought some Lilly's and decided to draw them from different angles. I then Decided it would be a good idea to create my character based on the Lillie's. so i drew up a quick sketch. Once my sketch was complete, it was time to start making my armature from wire.

Now I had done this before for my Farmer Wool Room Animation, using Plasticine. however this was a difficult material to use to I decided to try a new different material.

Here are some Photographs of the process of my Wire Armature

This is the matereial I used on my wire armeture. Here are the photops of the ptocess I went through building up my character.

Tools I used for the detail.

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